Experience Level All
Cost Varies
Dates Various
Association / Organisation Archery Australia
Location Australia Wide


Archery welcomes participation of people of any age, gender, or physical ability at any stage in their lives. It is great for developing mental focus and boosting self-esteem as it is a test of accuracy, concentration and strength.

The aim of archery is simple; to shoot arrows as close to the centre of a target as possible. Points are scored by hitting a target consisting of five coloured rings. The closer the arrow lands to the centre of the target, the higher the score achieved.

Archery is also and Adaptive sport, and features on the Invictus Games program.

With a variety of types of forms of archery including Recurve Bow, Compound Bow, Rarebow Recurve, Barebow Compound, Longbow, and Crossbow. Archery can be performed as an individual or in a team.

There are a wide range of opportunities within the sport including social participation through to elite competition, along with coaching, judging and much more.

There are some great programs to get involved with the sport. You can start with a Come N Try session before moving on to more formal instruction. The easiest way to enter competition is with the OzBow Program, a step by step performance and reward-based program for new members irrespective of their age, gender or equipment they are shooting. The program is intended to expose members to low level social competition and allow them to develop their skills before they join main stream archery activities.

If you are looking for more elite competition there are a variety of events and tournaments nation wide across the disciplines of Target, Matchplay, Indoor, Field, Clout, Flight, Para and Vision Impaired Archery.

If you’re interested in finding out more or giving Archery a go, get in contact with us!

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