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Being active is good for health and wellbeing.


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Your fitness, sleep, mental health, social life and general wellbeing may benefit from participating in regular sport or physical activity.

It is important to see your general practitioner or a qualified medical professional before starting any new sport or activity – this is especially important if you have physical or mental ill-health or a disability.  Once you have discussed your plans with your specialists and have received their OK, you can get started.

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Events and Competitive Sports

If you’re interested in higher performance and adaptive sport at a competitive level, look at Events and Competitive Sport.

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Social Sport and Activities

If you’re looking for something more social and ongoing, see our activities finder on the Social Sport and Activities.

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Coaching or Mentoring

If you are interested in Coaching or Mentoring, please contact us. Funding may be available for those seeking qualifications.

Opportunities may also be on our Facebook page.

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Looking for Solo training?

Feel free to post on our Facebook page if you are looking for some extra support or someone to train with.

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